I am a God for the proud roar of King Zhou

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Therefore, the jade true talent has "does not become the immortal, cannot save the mother" the instruction, this goal also became Yang Jian to practice desperately the biggest power. Speaking of it, Yuding Zhenren is definitely a rare good master. If you change a selfish practitioner, you will take Yang Jian as the tripod furnace, and after he has achieved 89 Xuangong, you will try to absorb all his power and fuse the two skills to improve your own cultivation. Of course, Yuding Zhenren did so. I don't know if it has anything to do with Yunhua Fairy, but the "Eight Diagrams" inside are not known to outsiders. When Yuding Zhenren lost to his opponent Zhang Zixing in the magic array, he knew that his time had come. He did not forget this matter and gave up resistance as expected. He chose to break up on his own, and when he died, he put his own Jiuzhuan Xuangong into Baiyu, and asked Zhang Zixing to hand it over to Yang Jian. As a last effort for this beloved disciple, from this point of view, Yuding Zhenren is a master like a loving father, which is respected by people. Perhaps, there is no absolute right or wrong in the whole Fengshen. There are only different positions. What Yang Jian performs today is the art of Jiuhe. Just because he was eager to save his mother, he forcibly used the power of white jade to overlap two kinds of Xuangong. Although the outbreak of a strong force, break the mountain to rescue Yunhua Fairy, but after all,carnosic acid price, not by the realm and their own strength fusion, can not control the violent force, began to lose control. See Yang Jian's situation is getting worse and worse. Fairy Yunhua turned pale with fright. Yang Jian only felt that the power of expansion in his body had entered the storm and could not be suppressed at all. He began to scurry around, wreaking havoc on his immortal knowledge and body. The powerful body, which had been tempered by 89 Xuangong, could not support it and began to twist. Gradually, the whole body is out of the control of the immortal. Just then, a warm hand appeared on his head,lutein eye complex, which was as white as jade. Give off a faint glow. When the light enters his body. Yang Jian only felt that the pain suddenly eased a lot. Yang Jian knew that Yunhua Fairy was exerting her power to help him, but he knew that his mother was also cursed by the golden mother. If you spend your strength, I'm afraid there's still danger, so you quickly refuse, but now the rapidly expanding power in your body is so crazy that not only is your body out of control, but you can't even speak. Yunhua Fairy saw his idea from Yang Jian's eyes, shook his head slightly, his face showed a kind color, and the light in his hands shone more and more. Yang Jian felt a stream of warm immortal power to continuously input into the body, intentional resistance, but powerless. Period of time has passed, this force is still continuing, Yang Jian suddenly some understand the intention of the mother, eyes showing a strong color of fear, best green coffee bean extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, the heart shouted: "No!"! With the rapid loss of the immortal power of Yunhua Fairy, the curse of extinction under the suppression began to break out again, a large number of white hairs appeared on the white jade skin, and red cracks began to appear on the body surface. Yunhua Fairy still did not stop, although already because of the pain and cold sweat dripping, looking at Yang Jian's eyes is still gentle and loving. Boy, don't be sad. If you go to seek the Emperor of Heaven and the Queen of Heaven, you will be controlled by them all your life and will not be free. How can you be so dragged down by your mother! Your father and I had a common life and death, now that your father is dead, how can I live alone in the world? Over the years, I have been unable to survive or die in this peach mountain, and I have always been concerned about your father and son. Today I see that you have grown up and become a useful person, and your father's soul has transcended the disaster. I have no regrets for my mother. Now I just want to help you. Kid. From now on, be a good boy and take care of yourself. When Yang Jian heard that Yunhua Fairy wanted to sacrifice her life to save him, she was so anxious that she tried to get rid of her mother's power by force. However, the power of the fusion of Jiuzhuan Xuangong and 89 Xuangong was too violent. She struggled several times, but in vain. Tears oozed from her eyes. For a long time, Yunhua Fairy slowly withdrew his hand, brushed his sleeve, and Yang Jian's whole body flew up lightly, as if held by something, and floated into the distance. The last sentence she left to Yang Jian was: "Child, you must remember, don't let hatred blind your heart, just as your master said, put it down, you can be free.." After saying this, the outline of Yunhua Fairy gradually became thin, and eventually turned into a wisp of smoke, scattered without a trace.
Yang Jian felt great grief in his heart and was unable to struggle. At this time, the power of Yunhua Fairy's irrigation into his body began to merge with his own power, and with the power of Jiuzhuan Xuangong, Yang Jian felt more and more blurred and gradually lost consciousness. Love is boundless. Maternal love is the greatest power in the world. Zhang Zixing of Chao Ge knows nothing about Yang Jian's saving his mother. At the moment, he is accompanying Princess Longji and Shang Qingjun in the harem, and doing the "old business"-Mr. Storyteller. This time he was talking about Wang Shifu's famous work The Romance of the Western Chamber in the yuan Dynasty. The Romance of the Western Chamber was adapted from the legendary novel The Biography of Yingying by yuan Zhen in the Tang Dynasty. After being adapted by Wang Shifu in the yuan Dynasty, the plot of the story became more compact, integrated with classical poetry, greatly improved literariness, and the ending was changed to a happy marriage. Princess Longji is now a "Dream of Red Mansions". She remembers that in "Dream of Red Mansions", Lin Daiyu once praised "The Romance of the Western Chamber" as "a cautionary tune with lingering fragrance". Now she is interested in hearing Zhang Zixing talk about the Romance of the Western Chamber. These days, Shang Qingjun and Princess Longji participated in the study of a Dream of Red Mansions. As a good "book friend", their relationship became more harmonious. Around their familiar plot, Longji's words gradually increased. Although Shang Qingjun did not forget the research and mecha control in the base, he was quite addicted to the Dream of Red Mansions in his spare time. He also pretended to complain, saying that his husband favored one over the other and only told Longji. Zhang Zixing had no choice but to move out of "The Romance of the Western Chamber" to save the driver, and the two girls were fascinated. Since Princess Longji has moved into the palace, she doesn't have to look forward to "Xiaoyaozi" coming to "update" every month like Phoenix Mountain before. The first thing she sees Zhang Zixing every day is to "urge more",ghana seed extract, plus Shang Qingjun, the "accomplice", which makes Zhang Zixing laugh and cry. prius-biotech.com

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